A farewell to the classic PR

A farewell to the classic PR


A farewell to the classic PR

Beloved PR,

How shall I express what I feel when I think of our time together? We laughed, cried and argued. Ever since the invention of newspapers, you delivered with excellency and high information content. Over the past few years you still fought hard to stay in the game. But time has not spared you. For many years you have supported us on the different levels to raise, convince and establish. We have been able to draw the interest of the public and to attract people’s attention. Without you, it would not have been possible. So believe us when we say, we are very grateful.

But the time has come for us to say good-bye. Unfortunately you show several flaws and weaknesses now. We all agree that you can’t provide us with the information we need. You are not able to track your success, we can’t analyze your reach, we can only assume the effectiveness of your ads and you provide limited transparency. You know that technology has advanced. Everything runs faster, more agile and easier. You’re just not as flexible and versatile to meet the requirements. The numbers speak against you. You have really provided us with good service, but your time has come.

With tears in my eyes, I write you one last note. You can rest now and leave your job to others. Take care of yourself. We wish you well, classic PR. You will be missed.

Yours truly,

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F. K.

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