F like Friday or Facebook

F like Friday or Facebook


Facebook ads to whom, for what and where you want

What would be online marketing without Facebook? Correct, hardly imaginable. All the more you can look forward to the new update of the Power Editor. Even more exciting and interesting nuances can be adjusted to get the best possible Facebook advertising, so you can generate many potential new customers. Your advertising can now be placed in two different locations or even targeted address two completely different age groups. Your ads can be addressed to an older target group in Miami and for a young audience at the same time in Orlando. “All eyes on me” was never easier. With these new Power Editor adjustments, you have the ability to generate numerous advertising ad groups at the same time, so you can appeal to as many people as possible.

How is this possible? Thanks to Facebook it’s no magic and can be done with just a few clicks:

–          You can create custom audiences by using Custom Audience Variation

–          To specify several different areas where your ad is shown, select the “Location Variation” parameter

–          Due to the variable “age group variation” you can design your groupings individually

And that’s not all!

Under the “Budget & Schedule” item, you can make a detailed plan for the budget you allocate, allowing you to split your budget pro rata based on the audience size of your Facebook ad.

Facebook, we would like to thank you for this wonderful update, because we are offered a lot of possibilities to make our online marketing via Facebook more fun and even more efficient.

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