How about a little Moodo?

How about a little Moodo?


How about a little Moodo?

Videos, jpgs, tiffs and gifs, been there-done that! But did you already hear about Moodos?

Maybe you’ve heard the term somewhere but you didn’t pay close attention. You should have!
Moodos are a super exciting and interesting hybrid form of image and video. Smavicon really hit it on the spot with this new composition which will completely change the atmosphere of a presentation. We all know pictures, videos and gifs. There is nothing new about it. Our attention span only lingers in very rare cases longer at an image as only a brief second or a little glance. Moodos will change this. In a new and innovative way they directly arouse your absolute attention. Of course, one could now enumerate all the interesting and special advantages, such as the fact that a Moodo is specifically targeted to the depth psychology of the human brain and addresses new areas that increase our attention, but it is best to convince yourself! Hence behind this novelty is not just a good idea, no, deep strategies are being developed to prepare the use of a Moodos as best as possible.
Check out Smavicon at and take a look at a Moodo. You will be fascinated by the extent to which this hybrid can influence a presentation. However, not only presentations can be supported and improved by the use of Moodos. This new form of visualization will also be very helpful in marketing and brand building.

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