Consultation & Conception

What do I tell my clients? Undoubtedly, corporate communication is vital for the development of your business. The question is, which means of media communication is the most efficient for your project? The possibilities of digital media and the offers of the agency world are interminable. How do you find the perfect partner? Which approach matches the requirements of your communication best? Which agency can transform your project into a sensational highlight? Let us work together to outline the perfect strategy and develop a solid, easy to implement communication plan. With strong partners in all areas of brand and corporate identity; we here at LOPEZ Communications support you to assure a quick and easy systematic implementation with desired outcome.

Web Design & eCommerce

First impressions count! High quality web page or the design of your web shop will function as your figurehead. Today, with substantial Internet presence in all its facets is the first communication medium for potential customers. One glance at your web page and the customer decides intuitively if he perceives you and your products or services as appealing and high quality. We will be glad to assist you with the design or re-design of your web presence and help you to create a meaningful structure and outline targeted content. Also, the optimization strategy for search engines. Whether we support you with emotional imagery or clear information content, we will make sure to create a memorable experience for your target group!

Content Marketing & Social Media

What good is the coolest web site, if no one knows that it exists? Today, sophisticated communication strategy includes marketing on social media platforms and the maintenance of an e-mail dialogue between you and your customers. We help you to systematically increase the status of your recognition in your target group, and take care of your social media presences with a skillfully planned editorial schedule and the preparation and publication of blogs and posts on all relevant platforms. With our advanced technology we will provide advanced techniques to implement functioning referral marketing and to reach out to specific target groups exactly where they are found online.

Motion Picture Communication

A picture is worth a thousand words! Expressive images and videos for your company’s appearance or a recruiting film that expresses the values of the new generation and triggers the urge to change the world are only two examples how motion picture, concepts or animations can contribute to contemporary corporate communications. Let us assist to bring your ideas to life and let us illuminate your advantages and what you have to offer, your individuality. Specialists use their skills to professionally guide you through a consultation, planning and the implementation of a sensational video project. Let us take your communication to the next level.

Let us inspire you with our innovative methods and advantage from our extensive experience. Contact us for a free consultation!